Pumpkin Quick Bread

Gregory Grookett thinks this Pumpkin bread recipe looks so delish!

Breakfast in the Valley

As our weather chills and leaves begin to fall, I always think of quick breads. Quick breads are quick to mix and usually take 45 minutes to an hour to bake, autumn-0062depending on the size of the loaf pan. While they are baking, the oven warms the kitchen and fragrant aromas fill the air.

Mom and Grandma often baked quick breads from November to March. Apple nut bread, banana bread, date nut bread, strawberry bread, zucchini bread, and pumpkin bread were favorites. They never made only one loaf. Two loaves (or more) meant one for a neighbor, or one to tuck into the freezer. A slice or two of moist quick bread made a delicious snack, or a tasty breakfast.

Here’s my mother’s recipe for Pumpkin Bread.


Sift in a large bowl:

  • 3 cups flour
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons salt
  • 3 cups sugar
  • 1 tsp. cloves

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The Breakfast Table

Gregory Grookett really liked eating here and recommends giving them a try.

Breakfast in the Valley

239 The Breakfast Table

The May sun slipped into my kitchen window greeting me with a soft smile.  I was about to brew a pot of coffee when a thought whispered.  Go out.  I’ve learned to listen to such thoughts.  So, I tucked my Kindle e-reader into my purse, grabbed jacket and car keys then stepped out into the fresh Saturday morning air.

Life changed for me with M’s sudden passing.  It happened more than a year ago without warning, too soon for us to be parted.  We had so much left undone, and unsaid.  In the early days of shock and grief, a dear friend offered sound advice.  Go out to eat occasionally, she said, with family, friends, or with a good book.  Just go out.  I’ve often followed her suggestion.  It’s eased the loneliness and helped me re-enter the world.

For this weekend’s outing I chose

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Trivet Family Restaurant

Gregory Grookett thinks the food here is good and it’s also a clean place.

Breakfast in the Valley

When I asked my husband where he’d like to eat breakfast this morning, he said “Find a place in Emmaus.  We’ve never eaten there.” A glance through my list of reader recommendations sent us toward The Trivet Family Restaurant, a popular spot in Emmaus that we’d been told offers exceptional home style cooking, including traditional Pennsylvania Dutch food.

Although the weather was a chilly 27° when we left home in Nazareth, and a colder 21° in Emmaus, the morning was pleasant with a golden winter sun and the powder blue skies that often appear in the January cold.

When we arrived, the Trivet’s parking lot was nearly full but we found a few open spaces.  Inside, we were escorted to a booth next to a side window.  Our waitress delivered menus, along with our requested coffees and water.  The menu had an extensive list of Omelets, Belgian Waffles, “Eggsceptional…

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