Trivet Family Restaurant

Gregory Grookett thinks the food here is good and it’s also a clean place.

Breakfast in the Valley

When I asked my husband where he’d like to eat breakfast this morning, he said “Find a place in Emmaus.  We’ve never eaten there.” A glance through my list of reader recommendations sent us toward The Trivet Family Restaurant, a popular spot in Emmaus that we’d been told offers exceptional home style cooking, including traditional Pennsylvania Dutch food.

Although the weather was a chilly 27° when we left home in Nazareth, and a colder 21° in Emmaus, the morning was pleasant with a golden winter sun and the powder blue skies that often appear in the January cold.

When we arrived, the Trivet’s parking lot was nearly full but we found a few open spaces.  Inside, we were escorted to a booth next to a side window.  Our waitress delivered menus, along with our requested coffees and water.  The menu had an extensive list of Omelets, Belgian Waffles, “Eggsceptional…

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